In the nation’s current unease, the spirit of national tolerance should be re-actualized. Tolerance does not always mean compromise or agreement, but an effort to confront the opinions of others through the right way in an elegant and dignified manner.

Hate is often motivated by primordial and racial arguments. This attitude tends to bear negative prejudices and assumptions towards other parties with its uniqueness. Perhaps, this factor has repeatedly plunged Indonesian people into social conflict and intolerance.

Our Project

Ahimsa Indonesia mainstreaming human values ​​and a spirit of tolerance across religions, ethnicities and cultures. We always campaign for the commitment that national tolerance does not deny the specific uniqueness of each tribe, religion, race and intergroup, but instead protects that diversity on one platform, namely the Indonesian nation based on Pancasila.

We support various activities such as fostering young generation of anti-radicalism, and participating in maintaining the peace of worship according to their respective regulations. We support activities that are able to foster spiritual encouragement, a sense of solidarity and a willingness to struggle for the greater goods, not just for oneself or the group itself