About Us

Ahimsa Indonesia is an independent institution that focuses on the social-humanities development of Indonesian society in an inclusive and sustainable manner. Our work focuses on five main areas: Socio-Economic, Politics and Democracy, Education, Culture and Religion, Environment. We are also helping and collaborating with NGO all over the World.

Founded in mid-2019 with offices in South Jakarta, Ahimsa Indonesia is active in conducting studies and activities that encourage the advancement of civilization.

Vision and mission


The realization of Indonesian people who uphold the value of humanity through research and activities aimed at producing real strategies, policies and actions.


  • Conduct research on various issues related to social-humanities and the environment in order to advance the lives of Indonesian people.
  • Conduct action-based and sustainable actions to advance the lives of Indonesian people
  • Support inclusive public and private policy discourse on Indonesia’s community development strategies that are sustainable and environmentally sound
  • Strengthening the role of civil society in advancing and promoting human values ​​in the civilization of Indonesian society


Our values ​​define Ahimsa Indonesia as an institution. Our value is an idea that unites us together.

  • Inclusive: Be open and involve all groups
  • Independent: Not affiliated with any party
  • Impactful: Positive contribution to society
  • Integrity: Candor and openness
  • Pioneer: Forward thinking and adaptive
  • Democratic: Decision-making by deliberation.


  • Chairman: Sumantri Suwarno
  • Vice-Chairman: Erwin Kusuma


  • Chairman: Labib Wildan
  • Vice-Chairman: Fadrik Aziz Firdausyi
  • Secretary: Nur Diansyah
  • Treasurer: Syaroful Umam