Health Care in Asmat, Papua

Malnutrition is one of the main problems in Asmat, Papua. The Asmat inhabitants’ rut is hunting and food gathering. Located in the middle of the forest, it is one of the causes of the difficulty of distribution of food and medical from the outside area. Everyday, the source of family nutrition came from sago and fish. Unfortunately many toddlers can’t survive due to natural selection factor.

The Ahimsa Indonesia team had the opportunity to visit Asmat in January 2019, precisely the Kolf Braza district which is about six hours from the district capital. Kolf Braza is among 23 districts and 224 villages in Asmat. It can only be reached by water vehicle (speedboat) and then through the rivers. The trip to the Kolf Braza district takes approximately 12 hours.

Hoping to get to know the daily life in the Kolf Braza district, the Ahimsa Indonesia armed with sufficient logistics. The Ahimsa Indonesia team of 14 people had the opportunity to conduct a survey and also provide health services with limited medical equipment, medicines, and milk for toddlers.

It was a valuable experience indeed for Ahimsa Indonesia, as we can mingle for a week with the Asmat tribe. Getting to know them more closely and sharing the challenges of their hard lives was a valuable lesson for us.

Hopefully Ahimsa Indonesia will have the opportunity to visit there again, necessarily by doing something bigger and contributing for them.