Millennial Voters for Elections

Entering the 2019 General Election, the participation of young people as “millennial voters” has a very significant contributory value to the total number of votes in the success of a democratic process that takes place every 5 years. Apathy is not an alternative, abstentions are also not solutive.

Ahimsa Indonesia held a public discussion titled “Millennial Voters for Elections” on March 25, 2019 at Cafe MUG Authentic Coffee Atjeh, Margonda, Depok. This event was held at the same time as part of the “soft launching” of Yayasan Ahimsa Indonesia, an NGO spearheaded by young people engaged in social and humanities by bringing three values (peace, pluralism, and progressiveness).

In this “soft launching” event, Ahimsa Indonesia invites young people of the nation’s next generation to gather, “ngopi bareng”, “ngobrol bareng”, and “diskusi bareng” for Indonesia going forward to be more “cool”. While the discussion aims to invite young people to be smart voters.

This event was special because it was attended by Hanif Dhakiri (Minister of Manpower) who was also speaker in the discussion. Also other presenters, Nana Sobarna (Chairperson of the KPUD Depok), Reny Suwarso, Ph.D (Director of the Institute for Democracy, Security, and Strategic), and Edbert Gani Suryahudaya (London School of Economics Alumni).